Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video YHM: Pihu Hates Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Aadi says he will find. Ishita thinks Pihu said Ishita is bad aunty and came here to over rule her house. Toshi asks what happened Ishita and how she is hurt. Ishita cries that she wasted her daughters life and she is not worth it. She is bad mother. Simmi says not to cry as there is nothing like that. Roohi sees her crying and thinks she has to talk to Pihu. Mihika gets Simmi’s call and tells about Pihu. Alia becomes happy to see south indian food made by Shagun. Mani becomes happy and says we will not go anywhere and do lunch here. Shagun asks if she can call Mihir as he likes south Indian too.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia becomes happy and says she will call Mihir. Doctor comes and checks Pihu. He asks what happened in this house and why she is stressed. Ishita thinks everything is because of her and she brought Pihu here without her wish and she is not a good mom. Because of her everything is happening. She thinks she will give Pihu to Shagun and take up her phone. Raman comes and asks what is she doing. Raman tells she is the best mother in world and Shagun cannot become like this. Ishita shouts she needs Shagun and she cries. Raman tries to stop her and reminds her that she fights with world and she taught his children that what is mother.

Raman tells her that we will tell Pihu. They hugs. Aadi brings medicines. Ishita checks the medicines. Ishita asks Aadi to help her. Shagun sees her photo with Pihu and thinks about Pihu. She misses Pihu and thinks to call her. She calls Raman. Raman thinks if he will tell Shagun about Pihu then she will take her back. Shagun says how is Pihu. Raman says she is fine and went to school. Shagun says ok i will pick up Pihu and she made south indian food. Raman says please dont mind and she will come to her tomorrow. Ishita asks Aadi to bring Shagun here and Pihu will get well. Aadi says Raman will become angry and Shagun kidnapped her then why she wants this. Ishita says Shagun loves Pihu and thats why she wants this.

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