Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Police Gets Evidence To Arrest Adi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman goes to Aadi and asks how are you feeling by giving us pain. Raman says you cannot feel when we saw you drunk. Aadi says he saw him doing all this and now he does not wants to listen lectures. Aadi says when Ishita left you then you also took this support. Raman tells i don’ want you to repeat those mistake then i am telling you this is not right way. Aadi says stop your lecture. Raman says fine take this bottle and drink this then how will he get happiness in his life and forget Alia. Aadi says he will not get influenced but he will not forget Alia and let her forgive him.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinAadi says Alia pay. Alia thinks she has to say sorry to Aadi and because of her he is suffering like this. She message Aadi and asks him to meet. Aadi says fine i will come. Mihir asks Ishita and Raman to go to sleep. Romy comes and ssys now we can work and you should go and rest. Ishita says i will handle in my way. She asks Mihir to call union leader as she wants to talk to him. Mihir says no he is too dangerous. Aadi thinks why Alia called him and he is a loser whenever she calls him then he comes. His friend meets him and his car stops. His friend tells that he will not leave that girl as firstly she came in close to him and he will not spare him. That girl wants to enjoy with him but wants a mature person as boyfriend and she called him now. He says for sure she broke up with his mature boyfriend and now wants to come to him.

He provokes him and says girls are so bad and we cannot know what is in their mind. Aadi gets angry. Aadi asks his friend to go out and take a taxi as he has to go.He has to tell lesson to someone. He gets angry. Ishita talks to union leader and says this is forty lakhs and after this your home will run nicely.Union leader comes and says if you are giving this opportunity then how can i refuse. Union comes and says what is this. Union leader becomes scared and says Ishita is trying to give bribe. Men says we all saw what you were saying. Ishita says see for whom you were not doing work.

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