Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video YHM: Ishita Scolds Ashok Badly

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita and Raman talks. Ishita thanks him and says she did not believe that he will agree for that. Raman asks why she is thinking like that. He holds her and Neelu comes. Neelu tells Mihir has come. Raman says he is coming. Ishita tells Mihir that Raman will not come to office as Pihu will be handled only by Raman. Mihir admires Romy that he can chill out in pressure also. He tells about that champagne. Romy shouts on him and asks what is his problem. Mihir says he was just asking. Romy says he is not Raman and he will not allow enter in his life. Mihir thinks what happned with Romy and why he is over reacting. Raman goes to Pihu. Ishita asks to cuddle Pihu. Pihu wakes up.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman takes her up in his arms and goes. Ishita smiles. Raman helps her to become ready. He ties laces of her shoes. Roohi also comes. Raman asks how to make hair of Pihu. Ishita shows him on hair of Roohi. Roohi gives her breakfast. Pihu smiles and hugs Raman. Mani greets Shagun. He gives her morning tea and says sorry as Alia is sleeping. Mani says yesterday whatever happened thats ok and they have enough time. Shagun says she is so lucky to have him. Alia listens and becomes excited that their romance started. She calls Mihir. Shagun asks to meet Pihu as she is so angry.

Romy asks who will have the contract. He gets to know that bhai will get the contract. Romy’s girl asks what happened. Romy tells there was. A big chance for his company but there is competition between him and his brother. He says after so much time our relation came on track and he does not wants that this relation will get worse again. She says he should talk to Raman and tell him that he wants to this contract and then he will leave his contract. Shagun comes and says Pihu is angry and she came here to see her. Ishita taunts her that she was so happy and went to school. Shagun says she will meet Pihu in school. Ishita asks her not to go as Raman is there to handle her. Shagun becomes angry.

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