Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th June 2016 Today’s Updates: Ruhi Stops Nidhi By Slapping Her

yeh hai mohabbatein

Yesterday in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we saw that Shagun was making bownies. Ishita came there and asked is there anything special ? For that Shagun said that I am making this for Pihu. Shagun said that Ruhi will come and the this all will end. Aaliya gave breakfast to Mani when he was observing Ishita’s photograph. Mani tasted the food and asked who trained you in cooking ? Aaliya replied that Amma trained me to cook this.

Aaliya called Ishita Amma and Mani asked her not to call her as mumma as this is not Australia. Mani scolds Aaliya for calling Ishita again and again. She apologized and they hugs each other. They cry. Raman saw Ishita and Mihika cooking in the kitchen and recalled the old memories. Raman got a call and shouted by hearing about selling business. Mr. Bhalla said Nidhi asked money today to trouble us. Raman was irritated by seeing south indian food in front of him. Mihika served him paranthas. Pihu came there and Ishita recalled their past time.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Adi met Ruhi and scolds her by saying that you don’t know anything about life even though you are teen sensation. Ruhi cries and says that I didn’t grew up with family and relatives. Adi said that we all know how Nidhi deals with you.

Ruhi said taht I don’t want to talk about the matter of coming come and also don’t want to clarify anything about Nidhi as I did that in court. Nidhi went to meet Ashok. Adi told Ruhi that Nidhi is taking crores of rupees for you from Bhalla family. Ruhi agrees to go with him when she didn’t get belived on him.

Tonight in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we will see that Nidhi will come to know that Ruhi thought to help Ishita in defending from money act by her. Nidhi will raise hand on Ruhi and will try to slap her. Ruhi will stop her hand and will say that she wants Raman and Ishita to stay seprataed from each other and she just wants to move according to plannings. Catch more updates and news of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein with us here.

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