Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online YHM: Ishita Blames Shagun For Kidnapping Her

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ashok taunts Ishita. Ishita says he does not know that people are also multitasker. Ashok says he can also come to her clinic and can operate anyone. He says this is board room and not her kitty party. Ishita says now she knows why he loses all his contracts from her husband. She tells Ashok has so narrow thinking. Ashok asks her to go from here. Ishita says she does not needs any advice. Ishita says he always needs a woman in every affair. She tells about all ladies that helps her. Ishita says he cannot manage anything as he first started business and now he is in politics. Her husband need not to come here as he told her all the clauses. Mihika’s car gets damaged. Then Romy’s girl comes on scooty and they greet each other.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

She asks Mihika to come with her on coffee then Mechanic will repair this car. Mihika goes with her. Head says lets start meeting. He thinks he has to provoke Ishita as Raman should come here and Shagun can meet Pihu. He raises a question that why Raman used sodium bicarbonate. She says it was needed thats why. He says FDI has banned Sodium bicarbonate to be used in any product. She says Raman’s wife has come here to represent his company. Ashok says biggest question is who is Raman’s wife. Romy asks not to say like this. Ashok says he can understand that she is his family. Manager says we are taking thirty minutes break. Ishita goes. Mani says he is no more part of this race.

Sanchi and Mihika talks. Mihika asks whats her plans. She says she wants to do MBA in foreign. She asks about Mihika. Mihika tells she has done MBA then she did job. Meanwhile mechanic calls her and tells her car has repaired. Mihika takes her number and goes. Madhu and Toshi talks and plays. Neelu comes and asks what to make for Pihu. They both fights. Roohi asks Neelu to ask it from Raman. Raman asks Pihu to go and play. Pihu says no she doesnot wants.

Neelu asks Raman what to make for Pihu. He shouts on her. Ishita cries and thinks she should not have come here and Raman will lose the contract because of her. Mani comes to Ishita. Ishita says everything is because of her. Mani says Ashok wants to make her let down. Mani asks to read the papers and everything will be fine. Romy listens. Mani asks to think like Raman and he is a fighter.

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