Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th June 2016 Episode 826: Raman Asked Ruhi To Celebrate Her Birthday

yeh hai mohabbatein raman

In the last day telecast of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we saw that Ishita was crying seeing Ruhi. Ruhi said that I liked it Pihu and thanked and then left from there. She leaves with Nidhi. Ishita heard Raman and Romi arguing. Raman scolds Romi and blamed him for making Ruhi leave.

Raman asked Romi to take money and get lost. Mihika said stop blaming each others and said that we all did mistakes. She said that I told Romi to come here and said that we arranged money as backup plan. Raman said that I can get Ruhi alone. Mihika said to Raman that you are elder and you saved us from problems then why we can’t help you in any problem.

yeh hai mohabbatein raman

Raman asked Mihika to leave. She cries. Ishita asked Raman not to shout and asked why he is angry on family. Raman said that my daughter is moving away from me can’t you see my helplessness. He added that Ruhi doesn’t wants to see our face just because of Romi.

Romi said engough. Romi hugs Raman and said sorry. Raman asked him to go away. Romi said that Ruhi is standing behind. Raman controls his anger and smiles. Romi said taht I did the drama as Ruhi was standing behind. he left from there. Raman was in anger was throwing things here and there. He said that Ishita is the main culprit behind this all.

Tonight in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we will see that Raman will say that we are not giving greed. Raman will ask Ruhi to allow them to celebrate his birthday. Ishiat will ask Ruhi to demand anything on her birthday and will say that we will get it. Ruhi asks them to return her 7 birthdays and the emotions and bad fate of seven years.

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