Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates: Ishita Fells Down From Window

In the last episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we saw that Ishita asked Raman that now they should ask her that Ishita is her real mother. Raman said Pihu will think that we had hidden the truth for a long time. Ishita was tensed for Pihu. Shagun apologized to Pihu while Pihu was annoyed to her. Shagun offered Pihu ₹5000 and this all was observed by Aaliya’s Dadi.

Dadi asked Shagun that is not right to give this much of money to a small kid. Shagun argued with Dadi on behalf of this and said Pihu is my daughter not of Mani. Ishita was having a headache and Simmi apologized to Ishita that she should not tell this to her. Simmi checked Ishita’s blood pressure and confirmed that it was low. Ruhi denied her manager to do shows and also she denied for tours. Raman asked her not to cancel her tours.


Ruhi asked Raman to destress Ishita and make her well. Mani was on breakfast and felt some suffocation. Adi pushed Mani from his back and food bite came out of his mouth. Adi saved Mani’s life. Mani thanked Adi. Dadi asked Mani that she told him, Adi is not a bad guy. Adi informed Ishita about the incident. Raman took Ishita for shopping and in her favorite coffee shop.

Aaliya came to that coffee shop and saw Raman and Ishita together. Raman asked Aaliya to join them. Raman asked Aaliya to collect order as he wants to talk her. Raman asked Aaliya that he is not ready for her relation with Adi. Raman asked her that I am not happy with you, it is just Ishita is not well and that’s why I greeted you.

Romi took Aaliya home and said just like Adi is living there, Aaliya will also stay with us. Ruhi asked Aaliya what happened ? Aaliya said I am here just for Ishita.

Now in today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we will see that Raman will go close to Ishita and Ishita will ask him about Aaliya. Raman will go aggressive and will ask that he don’t want to talk about her. He will never approve this relation. Ishita will say how he is doing this? Raman will ask that I don’t want to discuss on this topic and I am not going to complete this wish of Adi. Raman will jerk Ishita’s hand in anger and Ishita will fell down out of the window. Raman will be shocked seeing this.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoilers

In the upcoming episodes of this melodrama, we will go to see some arguments between Raman and Aaliya. She will try to impress Raman but everything will go worst from bad. Raman will see a dream that Ishita fell down from the window and she died when he wakes up he didn’t find Ishita nearby thus he will go aggressive on everyone later Ishita will come back from a morning walk with Ruhi and Aaliya. Then Mani will make some spicy food and Ishita was advised to have low spicy food, Raman will think Aaliya made this and then Raman will decide to take revenge from Aaliya.

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