Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM Online: Raman And Ishita Fight

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita talks. Ishita says Raman is. So good and he handled Pihu very nicely. Raman and Ishita shares good moments. Raman says now we should forget all bad things or hate that were in our hearts and begin again nicely. Raman asks to introduce herself. She says hello i am Ishita Bhalla then she says no i am Ishita Aiyyer. He says you are so confused. He says i am Raman Bhalla and we should not consider ourselves as husband wife. Ishita says then what. Raman says we will consider ourselves as Girlfriend and Boyfriend. She smiles. He says yes you are my girlfriend now.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

We will go on dates and enjoy. We have not spent time together and it will make our relation good. She says ok amazing. Raman says he has brought something for his girlfriend. He gives her the watch. She sees it and she says its good. Then Ishita says she has also a gift. Raman asks what. Ishita gives him batch of best mom. She laughs and tells you are the best mom as you are great in dealing with children. Raman says its all because of you as i thought to do whatever you would have done in that situations and this made me to do everything nicely. She says what a coincidence as i also did the same. I thought that what Raman will do if he will be in situation like this. Thatswhy she called NGO and taught Ashok a lesson. They both smiles. Alia in home thinks why Shagun is late may be she is stuck in NGO work. She stores her food in fridge. Shagun comes in anger. Alia asks what will she have. Shagun shouts on her and says i m not Like Ishita and i m not your Amma. Alia cries. She gets call of Mihir. Mihir asks where is Shagun. Alia cries and Mihir becomes worried.

Mihir thinks he has to go to Alia and find out why she is crying.
Raman asks Romy to join his company. Ishita says lets leave it as Romty is not interested. Shagun scolds Alia. Shagun says she has trump card and she will destroy Ishita. Mihur Comes and listens. She was talking on phone with Ashok. She gets amazed to see him and gets shocked. Shagun’s papers falls. Mihri asks which papers are this. Mihir ssys she is interested in Mani’s papers and she should also be interested in Alia. Shagun says she was tensed and Alia was asking her questions again and again. Thats why she just shouted. Mihir says why you are doing like this and your work cannot make

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