Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2016: Raman & Ishita Moves In Ruhi’s Birthday Party

yeh hai mohabbatein

In the last episode of most trending daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we saw that Pihu and Ishita met Ruhi and greeted her. Ruhu hugs Pihu and thanked her while she ignored Ishita. Pihu feeds Ruhi the south Indian food served by Ishita and Ruhi also feeds Pihu in the same way. Ishita smiles seeing them both together. Nidhi asked Ishita what she is doing in her house ? Ishita replied that I came here to make my daughter feed the food which I made myself.

Nidhi and Ishita argued. Ishita moved from there with Pihu. Ruhi was happy to spend time with Pihu and Nidhi told her that Ishita’s drama will never end up.Pihu told Ishita that you planned superb for Ruhi. Shagun told Ishita that Pihu bunked class test. Pihu apologized and Ishita also said sorry to Shagun and said that I was unaware of it.

yeh hai mohabbatein
Shagun was crying and Pihu consoled her by saying that don’t worry I won’t go anywhere without informing you. Shagun asked Pihu if you will get someone more loving and caring then me then will you go with her ? Pihu replied that no I will never leave you. Mani came to society and met Ishita there. He parks the car and saw Ishita worried. Ishita asked him that how he came here ? He said its Ruhi’s birthday I know about this. He said I know its challenging day for you, he asked the problems from Ishita and they both talked with each other.

Tonight in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we will see that Raman will move in the birthday party of Ruhi and Ashok will be there. Ashoka will ask Raman to get out from there and will say that you don’t have the inivitation then how dare you to come here. Raman will get angry on Ashok. Raman will get high tempered. Everyone will stop Raman from fighting with Ashok.

Ruhi will get annoyed seeing this all. She will ask to stop this all. Ruhi will say that I have inivited them here. Ishita will smile while Ashok and Nidhi will be stunned to hear this from Ruhi. You can get the next update as it will go on air. Till then stay tuned with The News Recorder.

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