Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Ishita & Raman In Australia

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Simmi and Mihika makes list of items. Toshi says why you are doing this and she is making this trip for work. Toshi takes all lists and tear off. Raman says he is going to Australia and no one should know about this. He calls teacher and Teacher says she left. She says they went to out of Bangkok. Teacher says her mom was saying that she is taking Pihu to Australia. Raman gets tensed. Mihika says Australia is her favourite country. Dustbin falls and she sees her list in dustbin. She calls Simmi and asks to see this list. Mihika says Toshi doesnot wants us to give list. Simmi says dont worry and Toshi would have done this because we have not asked her.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinIshita reaches Australia. A man brings bag of Ishita and she says this bag is not mine. Raman also lands and he also lost his bag. Someone calls Raman and shows his bag. He turns back and goes. Aadi asks if she has landed. Roohi says yes she is fine. Aadi says Raman also going to Adelaide and he is going to give Ishimaa divorce and she has to tell Raman. Toshi listens Aadi. Alia comes to Aadi. She taunts Aadi that he didnot come to airport. Toshi says Aadi doesnot have any fault as Aadi is like Raman. Ishita also gets her bag.

Ishita sits in car and feels Raman there. She gets out of the car and Raman sits in car. She gets a pamphlet in which written that she has to find him on that place where woman likes to spend money. She says i am impressed and this place would be mall and she goes to mall. Simmi gets late for the office and she sees Bala’s car in front of her car and she fights with Vandu. Vandu and Simmi fights and Vandu says you cannot understand as you dont have husband. Raman gets to know that Shagun has switched off phone and might be she has taken new sim. He thinks she will be at mall and he asks driver to take him to a mall.

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