Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2016 Episode Written Updates Star Plus YHM: Abhishek Finds Shagun At Anil’s House

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita counsells Romy that you are in relation with Mihika and you should motivate her. Romy says you are her sister and thats why you are saying. Ishita says no as a woman i am saying this. Romy says i will not stay in this house as everyone give lectures only. Aadi waits outside house and becomes sad. He thinks why he becomes sad to see Alia sad. They are only friends then why he feels like that. To bring a smile on her face he can do anything. He thinks what is this relation and Alia is becoming so important.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Romy goes and drinks. He sees friends drinking and imagines himself as he was before. He comes to Romy and asks how he became. Romy says everyone tries to prove that he is useless. He doesnot have degree but it does not mean that he is worthless. He worries that if someone judge him. Another Romy provokes him that His Wife made him realize that he is a loser. He throws glass and a girl gets hurt. Boys comes and fights with Romy. That girl says thats ok and he does not have any fault.

Abhishek handles case of Ishita. Romy becomes so much drunk and that lady comes to her and says she knows him. She says she came to meet her. He says we should talk in peace and should book a room in this hotel. He books room as Mr and Mrs Bhalla. Ashok sees him and thinks what is Romy doing here. Pihu becomes ill. Ishita says no medicine is affecting Pihu. She calls Shagun to asks allergies of Pihu. She calls her again and again. Abhishek calls Ishita and asks if she is safe. Ishita says she is worried as Shagun is out of town. Abhishek informs her that he has seen Shagun in delhi.

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