Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Raman Calls Pihu

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Roohi makes video of everyone to show to Pihu. They all plays carrom and greets Pihu. Raman thinks that Mani has not done right. Ishita thinks that we should concentrate on Pihu and he always drink. She thinks this is cowardness and she does not wants him to do that. Police comes. Shagun says This girl is blaming us and arrest her. She asks inspector to ask that girl what she wants. Girl says i have done wrong. Police says inform your parents. Girl says i said lie that Mani has misbehaved with me. Mani asks why you came her. Girl says i got money to do this and i needed money. Police asks on whom order you did this.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinMani asks who Gave you money. She says Raman bhalla did this. He asks are you sure and i went to his house and i don’t think how can he do that. Mani asks police to arrest Raman. Police says i will talk to my senior inspector. Mani becomes angry. Shagun says she don’t believe this and Raman can be so down and Mani was asking to sign the papers. He asks about Alia. Shagun says Alia went for dinner with Aadi. Mani asks her to call Alia. Alia thanks Aadi that he cancelled his party because of her. Alia says ok. Aadi asks how is food. A woman comes and says can i have a selfie with you. Alia says i am not star. Girl says you are star for me as you were attacked and you are so brave that you are leading a normal life.

Alia says sure. Raman cries seeing picture of Pihu. Roohi comes to him and says what happened tell me. Raman says Shagun made me away from Pihu and i made everyone away from me. She says you were talking about Ishita. Raman says how you know. Roohi says i can see and Ishita went to Vandu’s house as you started drinking again. Roohi says leave this and come with me. Raman says i am a bad father. Alia says i am so happy that someone can impress by my act. Aadi says i am also inspired by you. He thanks her that you supported me. Alia says stop i have to eat paan. Abhishek tells Ishita. She says Raman cannot do like this. She says someone else has done this. Ishita says i will go and meet Mani.

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