Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates Live Star Plus: Someone To Follow Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Aadi shouts on Roohi and says how can you do that. He says he has to talk to Pihu as Shagun did same thing with me. Roohi stops him and says let Raman and Ishita handle as Raman is father and Shagun is mother to her. So she will not understand this. Roohi asks Aadi to calm down and make Pihu understand that this is wrong. Pihu comes and she asks if they are angry with her. Roohi says no we are not. Pihu is small sister and how can they become angry with her. Pihu says how much Raman scolded her. Roohi tells he is your father and you were saying you have to earn money and live alone and how can you say that. She says she does not wants her to same mistake which she did in her life. She hugs Pihu.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Pihu asks that she likes Ishita Aunty so much and when she will go then Roohi will hate her. Roohi says no. Roohi thinks how bad mother is Shagun and how can Shagun play with emotions of Pihu. She thinks she will do anything to protect Pihu. Ishita packs her bag and hugs Raman. Raman cries and says not to go. Everyone looks at her. Appa asks are you sure Ishu. She says yes. Toshi asks not to go. Ishita says she is not going anywhere as she is in side of her and close to them always. Aadi goes to stop her but Pihu holds his hand. She goes out. Shagun smiles. Ishita goes to her home and cries. Vandu says she is so strong and we will make out everything. Raman also thinks about Ishita.

Roohi and Aadi goes to Raman. Aadi says he is twenty one years old and he knows him very well. Aadi says distance make Love stronger. Aadi asks Raman to treat Ishita as girlfriend and they will live life more adventurous. Roohi asks Raman to become normal and Pihu should not think she is bad and everyone is treating her badly. Raman smiles and says they have grown up. Alia does work. Mihir calls Alia and says thank you for the headphones and because of her he experienced good melodies and he really loved them. Mihit asks what you want. Mihika sees file of Romy. She asks you sold company. Romy says he bought that company to make profit and sell that. He takes Her wrong and taunts. Mihika thinks why he is taunting her all the time and she needs to talk to someone.

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