Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM Online: Ishita Studies Business Management

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita tells maths of Pihu to Raman. He says its too difficult. Ishita shows form then Raman becomes angry that why she marked single in form. He says she is married till when he is alive. Ishita says Mummy ji asked me that if a couple doesnot lived together from seven years then they are legally separated. Alia tells that she was listening songs of Lata mangeshkar. Aadi asks why she is listening all this. Alia says her friend challenged that she cannot listen to their songs. Then they laughs and Alia kisses him. Aadi smiles and says you kissed me. She says yes then whats the big thing. Aadi blushes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman shouts that he does not finds his shirts. She searches blue shirt. Ishita says i will find. She gives him the shirt. Ishita says he is looking cute and now he knows that what mother has to go through. Raman shouts on her and asks her to get ready as we have to go for her admission also. Mihir sits in board room and says everything is because of Alia and Aadi. He asks to sign the contract. Alia becomes so happy. She admires Aadi that he had all answers for questions. Aadi puts his face in front of Alia then Alia says how can she kiss him as she is a girl. Mihir says he is going. Alia says this suit is good. Aadi smiles and thinks he has to borrow more suits from papa. Mihika thinks what is wrong with Romy and what is wrong with him.

Sanchi meets her. She asks if everything is fine. Mihika says fine. Sanchi says she doesnot wants to irritate her but she feels some. Connection with her. Mihika says she feels same. Sanchi says she is stranger for her then she doesnot need to worry. Mihika cries and says she is strong but she doesnot understand this time as her wedding is in problem and she thinks her husband has affair with some other lady. Sanchi says what and how can he do that. Sanchi says she thinks if relationship doesnot works then we should finish it. She says no its not the solution. Sanchi says its not worth it. Mihika tells she loves him so much. Ishita and Raman goes for admission. Ishita says she is scared if Pihu will consider her as mumma.

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