Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2016 Written Updates: Raman catches Ishita


Ishita listens to Raman and comes out of the trial room but Raman already leaves from there. Ishita goes to the mall and calls Vidyut. He says solve other mystery. She gets a clue which says that speciality of Australia which is sweet and melts in the mouth. She says chocolate. Shagun and Pihu were also there and goes to eat chocolate. Shravana and Ananaya talk about their parents. He says we have to change the situation. Ananya says nothing will happen as we sent flowers to mumma. Shravan says this time we will rock

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2016 Written Updates: Raman catches IshitaIshita searches chocolate shop. Ishita asks from someone the famous chocolate stop.  Ishita and Raman stops and stands on opposite sides. She goes to the chocolate shop. She gets happy to see everything. She says this is an awesome place and I am loving it. She goes and takes up some chocolate. Then she gets call of Vidyut. He says to take up chocolate and eat then you will get a clue. She says I will not eat chocolates in this age. He smiles and cuts the phone. She takes chocolates and goes. Pihu does not see Shagun. Shagun goes out to take the purse. She cries.

Shagun kisses Pihu. She sees Vidyut and says don’t you remember me. He says yes I thought I have seen you. She says St Stephens college. He smiles and says yes got it and I remember. He admires her and says you are gorgeous as before. She says you are handsome too now. She says now you have become huge and commentator too. He smiles. He says so you have a daughter too and she is so big. Shagun says actually she is not my daughter and I am handling my friend’s daughter as she went to some other place. Pihu looks on. Vidyut says oh! its good. Shagun asks for coffee. He says I am getting late. He gives her phone and asks to save his phone number. He goes. Pihu and Shagun walks. Shagun asks that uncle was good. Pihu asks why you told that I am not your daughter. Shagun says I told you that papa should not know we are here. Suddenly Raman comes. Raman shouts on Shagun

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