Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th September 2016 YHM Full Written Episode Updates: Pihu Disconnects Dadi’s Call


Judge gives Pihu to Shagun. Ishita cries. Mani goes and Ishita asks why you did this and you are my friend. She says how you didnot supported Truth. Mani says he thinks Pihu will be happy with Shagun.

Mani says she has brainwashed Alia and she is roaming with Aadi. Mani says she never Aadi and said this. He says Pihu is daughter of Shagun and she will not be happy with her. He goes. Raman handles Ishita. Roohi stops Pihu. She says please dont go. Roohi cries. Pihu becomes happy and says she is going with her mother. Everyone cries. Toshi says she asked Ishita to become lioness but she is broken now. Mr bhalla says no Ishita will not lose as Roohi will never let this happen. Roohi runs to Shagun. Roohi asks Pihu to come home. Shagun says no she doesnot need to go. Roohi pleads to allow Pihu to meet everyone for one time.

pihu-yhmMani says its fine and she will say good bye to everyone. Roohi says thank you. Mr bhalla gets call of Neelu. Aadi and Mihika waits. Mihir calls Mihika and asks how is Pihu. Mihika says we will handle. Mihir says he wanted to talk to Shagun but she will not understand his things. Madhu comes. Ishita and everyone comes home.
Neelu says Pihu will not go anywhere. Shagun asks Pihu to do fast and we will go shopping. Roohi thinks she cannot see Pihu going. Neelu says please dont take Pihu with you. Neelu goes to Ishita and asks her to do something as we cannot live without Pihu.

Everyone cries. Toshi says i will see Sajan ka sasural and then we will talk on phone. Toshi says i have made your favourite food and eat it please. Shagun says its enough we are getting late. She takes Pihu. Ali comes out. She calls Ishita.

yeh-hai-mohabbatein-20th-sepRaman shouts on her and says her Appa has snatches her daughter from them. Aadi says Alia doesnot have any fault in this. Ishita hugs her. She says Raman is angry now and please dont mind. Shagun asks Pihu to call Mani as papa. Mani says yes she is right Raman is her papa.

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