Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st July 2016 Episode Written Updates Online: Raman Makes Plan To Catch Kidnappers

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein last episode started with Ishita suddenly comes home and when everybody saw her, they all gets so much shocked and quickly grabs her and make him sit inside. nidhi when saw that she has come home now and will going to reveal the truth to everyone, she tries to run away from there, but Romi catches ehr even after she gives lame excuses to get away with it.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Due to Ishita’s ill condition everybody gets so much worried and starts crying for her condition. Ishita when after gets checked by doctor gets some conscious and asks for Ruhi, she was there with tht Judge, Amma asks Ruhi to talk to her and asks for her well being. Judge starts telling that he was worried about their presence at the court, Raman says that now we can find the real culprit. Judge agrees to it, but he was still worried about the power of the politician and thinks that he can get away easily anytime.

Judge asks to Ruhi and says her to tell what’s in her mind ad what does he want. Judge wants to convice her about er love to his family and she agrees to his statement. They all were very happy to see Ishita come back and without any harm or injury, they all were very happy now. Ishita when talking to Ruhi tells her about her happiness about her daughter’s come back to her.

Raman was still quite angry from Ishita that why she has gone outside without even telling anyone. Ashok the politiian calls Ishita and try to threaten her about his doing to him, but she didn’t get even worried little.

Anil asks about Ishita by Raman and Raman tells him that, it can be possible that the culprits must be learning though or they were beginner and she is very smart for them. Anil got a little worried. Ishita listens to this and says that you will not going to anywhere alone because you have to take me with you.

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