Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video YHM: Ishita Gets Jealous

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Roohi says Shagun was acting till now and how she can say to take life of Ishita. She taunts her. Roohi says there will no equality between Shagun and Ishita as Ishita can never think bad of Anyone. She brought Shagun from dustbin and she was going back as she thought this injustice with Shagun but everyone forced. Roohi says Shagun is responsible for all this and Pihu will also become against of her as she don’t love Pihu but wants to get her as trophy. This is a war only for her. Roohi says how dare she to provoke her against Ishita. She says Ishita’s love changed her and never played tricks to get her. Roohi says we have unconditional love for each other and says Ishita told her to respect all elders. She asks her to leave. Ishita cries.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Roohi asks what happened Ishimaa. Ishita hugs her. Roohi smiles. Ishita says she loves her so much. Roohi says she loves her too much. Ishita says she made her speechless. Ishita says no one can defeat her if Roohi is by her side. Alia takes Aadi and asks where was he. Aadi says if he was missing her. She says yes and tells about Rajat that he is getting married without wish of his parents. He says its so cool. Alia says this generation is so bad. Raman says sorry to Mihir as he gave all work to Mihir. Aadi comes to Raman. Raman asks what is he doing here. He says he came here to borrow suit to impress Alia. Raman becomes shocked. He asks what. He gives all his suits to him. Ishita do fun with all juniors. Raman comes and shouts on them and says how dare they to rag him. Ishita says they are not ragging her and just doing fun. Ishita says she forgot list of books. Some men comes and says they saw what he did.

Raman asks where is professor room. Romy says to Sanchi that she cannot do like that. He asks her not to do this. Sanchi says dhe is a lecturer here and she wants this job. He holds her hand and suddenly Raman comes there and watches Romy and Sanchi. Romy leaves her hand. He asks whats happening. He says she applied in his company and he came here to take her. Raman says its her decision and she can take care of her very well. Roohi shows rakhi to Toshi. Pihu shows that she is making hand made rakhi for Aadi and everytime Shagun helped her but who will help her now.

Roohi says she will help her. Pihu becomes sad and says papa has to do everything and this is all because of Ishita and she ruined her family. Roohi says lets make rakhis. She asks for ribbons. Pihu goes to get ribbon. Roohi thinks she cannot tell Pihu the truth of Shagun and Ishita saved her from Shagun and she will help Pihu.

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