Yeh hai Mohabbatein 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates Star Plus: Ishita Packs Her Bag To Back To Australia

Yeh hai Mohabbatein

Mr. bhall was talking to Amma and by giving her a good news that Raman has scolded Ashok and whioch means that he loves Ishita much more than anyone. Amma too gets agree to this thing and praise his efforts for his love to him. Raman too gets there and after shocking bhalla he too says that all this is true. ishita says to Neelu that why don’t you let me meet to Pihu while she was about to go out, she gives reason of her health, adding that Shagun also says her not to disturb her while she was asleep. Ruhi too cares for her health and ask her well being.

Yeh hai Mohabbatein

Everyone sit to have breakfast and ask Ishita to make some food for them, its been late that they had food made by her. she has been through this pain that night. Ruhi says I understand, but how to explain you, that Ruhi loved and trusted everyone, especially on her Ishi Maa, she had many emotions, but that Ruhi is dead, she is no more.  Ishita comes out of Iyer house and sees Mani taking Ruhi with him, and Ruhi’s bag left there.

Mani says its nothing like that, else you would have no love for Pihu, you reacted this way thinking of Pihu, you just to find old Ruhi in you. A phone rings, and they all ask whose phone is ringing. neelu gets a phone about Ishita and thinks that this might be Ishita’s. Raman meets to Anil while he hands him the papers and Mihir checks it clearly.

When Mihir and raman was talking he tells him that Anil might be right and tells that he might be involved in Ishita’s Kidnapping. When Mani was talking to Ishita in that the family have be strong enough and all this is because of Shagun. he tells her again that let’s not waste the time and go back to Australia and never comes back.

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