Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016 Written Updates Recap Video: Rakshbandhan Special Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman takes phone and gets to know that he has been added to mother group of Pihu. Raman gets angry and asks what he will do. Ishita says its important. Shagun reaches home and thinks how can Roohi Her like this. Nidhi calls Shagun. Nidhi says she is annoyed with her. Shagun asks what is her work. Nidhi says Ashok told her that Pihu is not with her after marriage. Nidhi says Roohi has changed. Nidhi asks Shagun to take her out of the jail. Shagun says no Ashok can do all this. Nidhi says no he is not making it out. Nidhi says if Shagun wants Raman and Pihu then only she can help her. She warns Shagun to make her out of jail. Shagun asks how she will do that. Nidhi gives her contact number of a lawyer and he will do the rest of the work. Shagun says ok.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita and Raman reaches hotel. Raman says he cannot go. Ishita tells he is her mumma and Papa also. Ishita sits beside and Raman says hello to them. Everyone becomes shocked. A lady says if he is Mr bhalla and she added him to the group. Raman says now he is mumma also. Lady says wow Pihu is so lucky. Ishita thinks now he will enjoy that he is getting attention. Lady asks how he manages all work. Their husband thinks all this responsibility is of their wives and they have no work other than office. A woman asks for selfie with him. They all takes selfie. Ishita thinks now he is enjoying. She says Raman is so photogenic. Another lady says next week he has to come to their house to do project. He starts praising ladies. Everyone loves it.

Raman admires them and asks for selfies. Ishita becomes jealous and comes to them. She says she is his wife and lovely meeting them. Ishita asks tell whats happening. Ladies says we have not decided anything. Raman asks if someone wants coffee. He asks meeting is in her home. Ishita says she will also come. Aadi talks on phone and says he wants suits like dad. He sees photo of his and Alia and remembers when Alia kissed him. Roohi comes in his room and becomes shocked to see him. She brings Simmi there. They both shouts and asks what happened where were you lost.

Aadi becomes shocked and says nothing. Roohi says she has made rakhi for him. Aadi asks tomorrow is raksha bandhan and he has not taken anything. Roohi says its ok and she will tie rakhi after long time. Aadi says he will bring gift. Roohi says we should invite Alia on Rakshabandhan. Aadi says no we cannot invite her.

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