Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd June 2016: Ashoka Asked Nidhi To Trap Bhalla Family

yeh hai mohabbatein nidhi

In today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we saw that Ishita came into her room while Raman was changing. Raman asker her to knock first and then to come inside. Ishita said that I am in a good mood and don’t wants to fight. Raman asked her that Mani came and gave food for you, he still cares for you. Ishita asked what are you talking about ? Raman turned the topic and then Ishita told him that Ruhi took teh photo collage and the trophy after we went from there.

Raman was happy to hear this and said that Ruhi still loves us the thing is she was apart from us and was unable to continue her studies. Ishita said that she needs a counselor. Shagun saw Ishita and raman together talking romantically. Bala read Shravan’s diary and laughted that he loves his Amma more than me. Also Sharavan wrote in diary that he hates Bala as he interfares in his friend circle and all his friends teases him that he is not smart his his father. Bala was worried of this and thought that what I did ? I just tried to help Shravan.

yeh hai mohabbatein nidhi
Shagun asked Raman to go to Pihu’s school for PTM. Raman asked her to manage and said that I have to take Ruhi and Ishita to counselor and also have to meet Anil. Bala told Amma that Shravan hates him and how could he think so. Amma said him that in this age kids thinks that they are right and rest others are wrong. Bala decides to change his approach and to treat him differently.

Ashok asked Nidhi to call Ruhi and go there to meet her. She said go there and check some weakness. Ashok said that when judge will visit there and will see some weakness we will win the case. Shagun asked Pihu to ask her Dad to spend time with mumma. Mihika heard this all and asked Shagun that what are you teaching to Pihu and she asked Shagun not to create any mess again.

Precap : Raman will get annoyed to Ishita and will say that this efforts will not change anything. He will ask her don’t try to pacify yourself, once Ruhi will come back, you will move back to Australia and I will move back to my normal routine, so don’t have any hope. He said that soon your heart will break and you will get hurt so its better to stay well for these 23 days.

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