Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Star Plus: Alia Is In Love With Mihir

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita brings all ladies and asks them to tie rakhi. Toshi blackmails them to tie rakhi. Raman says why. Mijika plays song. All ladies becomes sad and ties rakhi. Ishita laughs. Raman says he will come. Toshi stops her. Ishita and Toshi laughs. Raman sees them. Toshi asks to see face of Ishita. Ishita says all wants to tie rakhi. Simmi asks Raman to call Aadi. Raman says i will forgive you. Raman asks Aadi what happened. He says there is one problem. Aadi says if Alia will tie rakhi on his wrist. Aadi says if She will tie then what will happen to him. Raman says if she will tie then he will sign him and he should run them. He takes Aadi out. Roohi and Pihu comes. Simmi says they are looking so nice. Pihu says thank you to Raman as she like this dress.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Roohi ties rakhi to Aadi. Aadi gives her gift. She becomes happy. Roohi asks Pihu to come. Aadi gives gift to her. She becomes happy to see her gift. Pihu gives him gift but in gift there was Liner mascara. Raman says no its not for Aadi but for Ishita. Pihu becomes angry and says you brought this gift and forgot my gift. She goes. Raman says he brought gift but it interchanged. Pihu says she doesnot wants to see him. Roohi asks what happened. Pihu cries. Roohi says she knows that she is sad and she asked Raman to bring that gift for Ishita like she asked Raman to bring gift for Aadi. Roohi says we will go to watch movie. Pihu says she wants to have something.

She says if he will do whatever she will say. Raman asks to tell. She says she wants choco chip cookies as Shagun makes. Raman says yes i will do. Pihu says sorry to him. She asks to take Roohi also. Raman says thank you. Alia says good morning to Shagun. Alia tells she was going to bhalla house as Roohi invited. Shagun tells that Black is Mihir’s favourite colour. Mihir comes. Shagun thinks why Alia blushes to listen his name. Shagun ties rakhi to him. She asks if he will go to Bhalla house. She says please take Alia also to bhalla house. Ishita says she is proud of Roohi. Sanchi comes to Bhalla house and says she is her lecturer. Ishita asks why she came here. Sanchi says as Ishita has applied late and she wanted to give her notes. Ishita stops her and asks to have something. Romy calls her and she cuts the phone. Mihika listens him.

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