Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th June 2016: Raman Asked Ishita That Nothing Will Change & You Will Move Back To Australia

yeh hai mohabbatein karan patel

Previous day in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we saw that Ishita came back to her room and saw Raman changing the clothes. Raman asked her to knock the door first. Ishita came in and Raman gave her the food and said that Mani gave this for you. Raman said that he still cares for you. Ishita will say that you are saying anything Raman.

Ishita told him that Mani told that Ruhi took the trophy and collage photograph after we moved on from there. Raman was happy to hear this and said that it means Ruhi still loves us all. Ishita added that Nidhi tortured her for 6 years. She was bounded from last six years and all her studies got effected may be due to this Ruhi changed a little bit and Nidhi made her bad. Ishita asked Raman that she needs a counselor. Raman said that yes and I will meet to Anil also.

yeh hai mohabbatein karan patel
While on the other hand Bala took Shravan’s personal diary and started reading it. Intially he was happy to read that he loves his Amma more. Then he was shocked to read that Shravan hates him as he thinks that he intruppts in his friend Cirle and all his friends teases him taht he is not smart as his father. Bala was shocked to read this all. Bala discussed this with Amma aka Mrs. Iyer and she told him that the fault is of teenage and at this age kids thinks differently.

Bala decides to behave differently now with Shravan and will try to make him confortable with him. In the next morning Shagun asked Raman to go to Pihu’s school for PTM. Raman asked her to manage by her own and said that he ahas go to a counselor with Ishita and Ruhi. Shagun was annoyed seeing this. She asked Pihu to talk to her father and ask him to spend time with mum. Mihika asked Shagun what she is trying to so and what she is teaching to Pihu.

Tonight in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein we will see that Raman will get angry on Ishita and will ask her that these small good things will not change the truth. He will ask her not to pacify herself. He will ask her that once Ruhi will come back then she will go back to Australia and he will get back to his normal routine. He asked Ishita not to have any hope or expectation. He will ask Ishita to stay well for these 23 days until we will win Ruhi’s case in court.

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