Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video YHM: Ishita Gets Shocked

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mihika meets Sanchi. Ishita asks if you know her. Mihika says yes she is her friend. She introduces Romy to her. Sanchi says she has important work and she has to go. Roohi , Pihu and Raman comes back from Movie. Pihu says Raman has to make choco chip cookies. She goes to Madhu house. Raman goes in kitchen and Ishita asks if she can help him. Raman says no gou have to study. Romy goes to Sanchi and says he wants to talk to her. He says why you came to my house. Sanchi says she did not know that was his house. Romg thinks he has to be careful. Raman watches recipe and starts making cookies. He does everything wrong and places cookies in microwave. Ishita watches cookies have been burnt.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman sees they are burnt. Ishita says you followed wrong receipe. He gets tensed. Ishita says we will make it again. Raman says no. Ishita says we can do it together. Raman says i will not take your help. Ishita says i will not help you but i will see you. Ishita directs Raman to do. Mihir comes and says he came for Ishita. Ishita ties rakhi to Mihir. Mihir gives gift to her. Mihir asks Aadi to give all details. Alia and Ishita sits. Alia says she has to tell many things. Ishita says she is looking beautiful now a days and talks politely. Alia says its not like that. Ishita asks her to tell. Alia says its complicated and she doesnot know that whatever she feels he feels same or not. Ishita sees phone and says now she cannot study.

Alia says what. Ishita says she cannot get motivation. Alia says we will do something that will spice up. Alia says i will ask you questions and if you will tell right answer then you will get one hug from Roohi. They both studies. Raman and Roohi makes cookies. Ishita again goes to hug Roohi. Pihu eats cookies. She says these are so nice. Alia says Raman has done great job.

Raman sits on couch and tells his hand has burnt. Ishita says his deeds are cute. She goes and applies cream on his hands. Ishita says she has to make so much notes. Ishita also says she is liking this role reversal and we will get Pihu. Raman says if we are sacrificing this much then she will also come. Alarm rings. Ishita wakes up and takes book. She starts studying. Raman also wakes up. Ishita says she has to prepare a lot. He shows new assignment of Pihu. Raman says he will help her and go to office and Mihir Aadi will help her. They both starts helping each other. Ishita talks to Alia on phone. She tells Raman that Alia is in love.

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