Yeh hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Star Plus: Ishita Tell Ruhi About Trust Issues

Ruhi was coming to Ishita and Pihu to talk over some topics. She suggests them that Pihu should call Ishita as Ishi Maa, she does as they tells her to do, by listening to this, IShita starts getting very emotional and felt crying and hug her. Shagun when looks all this what is happening gets very angry and annoyed, Shagun was too asked by Pihu to confirmly call her as mother, on which shagun too gets agreed to let her call her Maa.


Ishita was talking to raman about this topic, she tells everything to him. He says that we’ve to go ans have some conversation with Anil about who that women was, who is behind all this. Ishita was quite in doubt that will he going to tell us the truth, they tell that he will going to do anything for his sister. Adi was shocked to see Aaliya at the Iyer’s house, she tells that i’ve come here to take the cooking classes as you’ve said to me about that.

Adi suddenly gets a call from Mihir in which he says that his work is done and now he suggets him to be a good personality if he wants to impress girls. He gives him all the points which he will going to need in his work to go smoothly. While Shagun was outside with Pihu to have some icecream they go through the Nursing home where Pihu was born and they think of Manoj who use to work here when she was born. Priyanka asks Raman and Ishita to leave, but before going they ask PRiyanka to help them, they were al very shocked to know that Anil was behind the kidnapping and now he is arrested.

Ishita when talks to Ruhi, suggests tha both of you have trust issues which is not very much unusual, even Pihu can have some but but you should know that you are mother now and should have to maintain the relationship in front of her. Shagun was hering their whole conversation.

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