Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap Star Plus: Niddhi Know About Shagun’s Plan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The episode starts with Ruhi tries to explain about surrogacy to Rihu. Pihu says that i don’t understand. Ruhi goes to get a book. She tells that when you look at this pics you get to know that Ishita is your real mom not Shagun. Shagun come there and says that you can’t stay here, its not allowed. Adi gives flowers to Aaliya. He calls for Mani. Mani comes. Adi ask is he can take Aaliya for a play and dinner. Aaliya and Mani smiles. Adi ask Aaliya is she ready to go with him. Aaliya says yes and they both left.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita ask Shagun that did Ruhi tell the truth. Shagun says that i don’t know. Ishita ask Raman to take Pihu with him. Ruhi says that we will go together. Raman takes Pihu with him. Ruhi ask that why you send Pihu. Ishita says that you are going to tell her the truth. She is just 7 years old. She can’t understand it now. Shagun hears this all. Ruhi says that i want to tell her the truth. Ishita says that it is too early to tell the truth. Ishita says that if you tell her then she might not believe anyone. Shagun comes there. She ask Ruhi that we want to tell her the truth, but at the correct time and we will ask you to do this. Ruhi says ok i will not tell anything to her.

Aaliya says to Adi that i like the place. Everything here is too cute. Adi thinks that Aaliya is getting happy. Aaliya says that what happen to you, you get change. How this idea came in your mind. Mihika and Romi come there and join them. Adi thinks that they had made this dinner a family dinner. Raman says to Ishita that we have to deal sensitively with children. He tells about Anil’s death to Shagun. Shagun felt shocked. Ishita goes to Mani and says that you get a perfect life partner for me but what about you. I want you to get a life partner soon. She says that i want you to talk to Shagunas she can be best life partner for you.

Mani says that do you talk to Shagun about this. Raman ask Shagun about Mani. Shagun says that i can’t marry as he loves Ishita. They know each other since 7 years. Raman says her to think again. She says that i am so sure. She goes out.

Niddhi says to Shagun that i know your plan of Kidnapping Ishita. I know you are acting. I know about your plan.

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