Yeh hai Mohabbatein 28th August 2016 Written Updates: Ishita And Raman Talk About Pihu

Raman says this project is like home and you should think different. Ishita says if Raman is with her then she can do it. Raman says no he is not with her but Alia and Aadi is with her. Mihir will also help her. Mihir says doesn’t worry and he is coming to home and asks Aadi to prepare all the details of the project. He says we will work on project.

Raman says he cannot write speech and he left Ishita alone. Toshi comes to him and says not to worry as he has to do it to make Ishita confident. She says she is remembering that day when she left Raman alone for first day and she was also tensed but she thought about his studies and left him. She says she was so happy to see him when she came back and like that Ishita will also prepare herself.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman says who will help her. Roohi says she will help her. Toshi says now problem us solved and Roohi helps him. Raman says Roohi has grown up now. Toshi says she will prepare dinner. Shagun makes food and misses Pihu. She says this was favorite of Pihu. Alia comes and asks what you made. She says Pasta. Shagun goes to call Pihu. Pihu says she is missing her. Shagun also says she misses Pihu a lot. Pihu says i love you mumma. Shagun says she made pasta and we used to sit together. Pihu says she will come to her soon and no one can separate them. Mani asks Alia how is her work going.

Alia says she is learning experience from Mihir and he is so cool. Shagun says yes Mihir is a good human and you should also appreciate him. Alia says Shagun is right and she should bring a gift for him. Ishita and Mihir discusses project. Pihu remembers Shagun. Pihu says she doesnot wants to eat saag and she wants pasta. Toshi says she will make.

Raman says no we will eat pasta tomorrow and we should not waste food. Pihu says she is not wasting food. Raman says she has to eat. Pihu says no one loves her and Shagun would have made pasta. Pihu says no. Raman asks her to finish the food. Pihu becomes sad. Mihir comes and everyone leave dining table. Pihu eats food and Raman becomes happy.

Mihir says Mr. Singhal has demanded that is not possible. Mihir says he has a plan and they can do forty percent growth then. Aadi gets call of Alia. Alia says she needs help and asks what to gift a boy. He asks whom she wants to gift. She ssys she has a friend. He says she can gift shades wallet or anything else. Ishita listens them and thinks Alia and Aadi together

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