Yeh hai mohabbatein 28th June 2016 Written Episode Updates: Ashok Warns Nidhi About Ruhi’s Anger


Romi asks to Simmi that he returns his home when Ruhi will come back to her home. Romi asked her to pass the charger and leave me alone. Ishita take over Mrs.Bhalla that she will stop both Romi and Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla promised to Ishita, she will not go back Austraila. you stay with all family and Ishita says we don’t about the future.

Morning, Raman zips to get ready for office and find that bathroom is being used by the Ishita. Ishita asks Raman to wait for 10 min. I’m washing my hair. Raman asks her, you have a wig and why are you wasteing water. Mrs. Bhalla aks him to go to the guest room bathroom because her bathroom water is not coming. Raman and Romi fence, who go first. On that time Ruhi will come and they both turn voice to sweet. Ruhi will go the bathroom and Raman and Romi fence again. Mrs. Bhalla says  we can celebrate Romi and Ruhi  both come back to home. Shagun tells her idea, we all go to resort and dinner in five star. Ishita says plan is good but Ruhi also stayed in australia,five star is normal for her. Ishita says to everyone make one one dish for Ruhi. She creates a card for Ruhi.


Amma says she makes paisam and i shoul make  palak paneer  Mrs Bhalla forgot chicken. I will win the competition. She adding so mach spice and Mrs. Bhalla addind so much salt for Amma. Shagun went with the Adi for for coffee. Adi’s friend come and say he comes with her new friend. Shagun is happy for comment.

Anil meets Shadun, she says Raman is in the room. Anil asks about Mihir  for his cosin sister. Shagun says Anil to talk with Raman because Mihir likes Raman as a brother. Adi and Shagun leave from there.

Mani tells Mihir all works are done by you, all credits are got Raman. Mani says Mihir,  they will not happen in my company and gave a great deal to Mihir. Ashok tells Niddhi that Ruhi heart is explode by the Bhalla’s family.

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