Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Episode Written Updates YHM Recap: Raman Argues With Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The show starts with ruhi and ishita’s conversation, ruhi says aadi is blaming himself and ishita says that they will not let him feel bad and promises that she will make things better as a team then ruhi says that she is world’s best mother and she love her and ishita says that she has best daughter. on the other side rinki and mrs bhalla talks about mihir going to US and show worries. And says thta we have nothing now and we will have to take raman’s help financially and rinki says that raman thinks he control our life thats why he is sending mihir to US and she says that she asked mihir to shift her in new flat but mrs bhalla understands that rinki has ignited fire in her house and asked mihir for flat and she calls ishita and tells her that rinki asked for a flat from mihir and dont know how will he manage and he is going to US then ishita says dont worry i’ll handle and calls raman as he is in office and raman shows his worries about his mum and says why rinki takes me wrong why she thinks i only care my family is she not comes in my family then ishita says dont worry i understand and wil handle everything you do your work. then he asks what happened to you i can feel insecurity in your voice then she tells about mihir buying new flat and she heard that from neelu, she was saying mummyji and rinki were talking and i think he doesn’t has enough money if you could help him then ramansays that he will talk to mihir.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

After that mihir comes to raman about some work and raman asks about buying the flat and why he hidden that then mihir says that rinki is creating drama in house thats why i was doing this then raman says no we can ask for help of each ohter anytime without formality and says that he can take company money as loan and can do anything then mihir hugs him and thanks him by saying yes you are my brother and best friend too.

Mrs bhalla talks to her husband about the financial condition of house and says that they have to manage with tight use of things and says neelu and simmi too to manage the things as financial condition. Raman goes from dining table with iyers and ishita goes behind him and says sorry because she was busy to make your punjabi’s food then she closes the door of room. raman asks why she is doing so then she says that neelu has sent parantha’s for him and asks to eat and he says that he is not hungry then ishita keeps it htere and goes. Mrs bhalla asks ishita about raman and paranthas then she says that surely he will eat it and she comes back to flat and sees that the box of parathas was light and when she checks it she smiles because it was empty and calls mrs bhalla to inform that he has eaten the paranthas. Then raman gets a call from pathak and talk about parmeet is filling custody case and is out of jail and raman makes guess thaat ashok and suraj are with him and they would have freed him but i will not let ananya go to parmeet at any condition and ishita listens their talking and asks him to put the phone on speaker and pathak says he will prove simmi jobless alone and helpless now what? then raman asks him not tell this to anyone he will handle everything well and fixes a meeting with parmeet.

Next day ishita and mrs bhalla meet at a veg stall and ishita was worried and buy veg in hurry and goes. on the other side bala talks with someone to check the computers as many computers are not working well and it can create disturbance in teaching students and romi was seeing this.

Ishita comes and finds parmeet is there and he greets her and says i was waiting you as raman said let ishita come then raman to say now and parmeet says that if you want me to not fight for ananya’s custody give me 15 crores.

Precap: Rinki tells mrs bhalla that raman dint send money to mihir and mrs bhalla then will ask ishita taht is she playing a game with her???

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