Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th June 2016: Raman & Romi Fights In Society Compound

yeh hai mohabbatein

Mani and Mihir haveing a meeting cafe. On taht time Aliya sees Mihir and Appa together and she says Mihir work for Raman, what is he doing with Appa.

She meets them. Mani says i am here for meeting. How are you here, she says to have a coffee. Mani says Mihir i have great offer you, you are like as new CEO of my present company in India but Mihir refuse the offer. Mihir says your offer is good, but Raman’s company is like mine. Raman is not my boss, he is like my brother to me.Mihir say don’t take me wrong, I have meeting at office, i am sorry, all the best. Mani smiles. Mani says Aliya Raman is lucky to have Mihir. Mihir is the strength of Raman.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Amma says dinner is ready and she made special for Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs.Bhalla also made special for her. IShita says we are waiting for Ravan Kumar and Ruhi. she Created a inviting card for Ruhi. IN the dinner tabel Raman and Romi behaving fine. She think what to do, how to do.

Two men come there. Mrs.Bhalla that are plumber came. They are go in the bathroom. On the dinner tabel Amma SAy i have special dish for Mrs.Bhalla and Mrs.Bhalla says same. When IShita gave paper for sign to Ruhi and she says first read then you sign this paper. Ruhi read then its written Ruhi Bhalla can’t clam of property and  Ruhi shout on the family and says this is your plan, you prepare dinner for sign the paper. She go her room. Everyone suprise and Raman says who can do this, there person is in the home.

Plumber changed the paper. Raman saw his window Romi and Ashok together and Rohi gives paper to Ashok. Raman goes the downstairs and fighting with the Romi. Ashok seens fight and he smiles his on face. That is planned by the Ashok and Niddhi to Ruhi will not  retunn her home.



Raman and Romi continuously fight in the compound .they beating. Asoke seens and thinking no neet to do anything and smiles, they both to beat each other.

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