Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2016 Written Updates YHM Episode Recap: Ishita Happy For Raman Coming

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita cares for Pihu and feeds her. Pihu says first call my mumma. Ishita asks everyone to call Shagun. Ishita says she will tell her story. Ishita starts her story and tells Lord Krishna was also stubborn and said he will eat only by Radha’s hand. She  feeds her. Roohi sees her and smiles. She also makes her sleep. Roohi says she is seeing how Ishita managed everything and she is seeming Ishimaa. Ishita says but she wants Shagun. Ashok calls Mihika and asks where is Romy. Mihika says he is out of house. Mihika says she is coming.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Pihu remembers Shagun. Roohi asks if Pihu is fine. She tells Shagun is in Delhi. She calls Abhishek and asks if he know about Shagun. He says we have tracked her and he will send the location. Mihika reaches hotel and asks about Romy from reception. Receptionist says he has checked in a room. Ishita and Roohi reaches the location. Ishita thinks she has came here before. Abhishek comes and Ishita tells Anil lives here. Abhishek becomes shocked and thinks what is Shagun doing here. Ishita says she is sure that Shagun has a reason. Shagun comes out.

Everyone becomes shocked. Ishita asks what is she doing here. Shagun says she came here to meet Anil’s sister. Ishita says why she said lie. Shagun says she done this so that she can make her bond strong with Pihu. Shagun says Ishita has done many things and thats why she did this. Mihika and Ashok reaches room and knocks. Romy opens the door. Mihika asks what is he doing here. Romy says he was drunk and thats why he booked a room. Ashok goes in and does not finds that girl. Shagun behaves rudely.

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