Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM Recap: Mani Slaps Raman

Ananaya goes to school. Simmi asks her to give parantha to Pihu. Raman asks for gift. Rooh says it will come. Door bell rings. Shagun gives extra money to Pihu. She says give treat to your friends. Pihu says today is not my birthday. Shagun says yes you give them treat. Raman gives gift to Ishita. Ishita says why gift. He says i misbehaved with you. Ishita smiles and says thank you. She remembers Aadi’s situation. She gets tensed. He tells that he talked to Pihu. He calls Pihu. Shagun sees call and asks Pihu to go to school. Shagun asks why you are calling. Raman says court gave me permission. Shagun says Pihu went.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinRaman says i know Pihu is there and he gets angry. Shagun says what is message and i will give her. Raman asks why you dont allow me to talk to Pihu. Shagun says i dont want. She says what is your problem and first you commit mistake then you apologise. She says yesterday Ishita came and Mani is not interested. Raman thinks Ishita said lie to me
. Mani calls someone. Shagun asks whom you are talking. He says i am talking to Abhishek as i want to know that what he did against Raman. Shagun says everybody knows Abhishek is friend of Raman and he will not do anything.

Shagun thinks if Mani will investigate then he will come to know that Raman is not behind. He gets call of Abhishek and he gets shocked. He says what Raman thinks of himself and how can he do that. Alia thinks what happened. She calls Aadi. She calls Ishita. Neelu takes call of Alia. Alia says she wants to talk to Ishita urgently. Ishita gets busy. Alia asks where is Mani. Shagun says i dont know and he got call from bank and Raman denied to take guarantee. She says he is so angry and he surely went to Bhalla house. Alia thinks Mani will do something wrong. Simmi gives photo to Ishita. She gets happy. Raman comes to Ishita. He asks where were you Ishita. He burns photo of Them. Raman shouts on her. Raman says you went to Mani and said lie. She asks who told you.

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