Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM Recap: Shagun Plan Against Ishita & Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun becomes worried and thinks she does not know about Pihu. She also says they both have been celebrating for sure. Mani comes and asks if everything is fine. Shagun says she is upset and there was mother daughter competition but Raman denied. Mani says don’t worry lets go to dinner. Shagun calls restaurant and says she is Mrs Bhalla and receptionist says Mr bhalla has booked table for two. Shagun becomes happy and thinks she will spoil their romantic meeting. Ishita becomes ready. Alia calls Ishita.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia says she wants to give his best friend head phone and wants her suggestions. Ishita thinks of Aadi. Ishita tells blue headphones. Alia thinks she is hoping Mihir will like this. Raman gets ready and talks on phone that he is going. Aadi stops him and tells he get Alia call and she is going to buy a gift for him. Raman says you should also buy a gift. Aadi says he should propose her. Raman constantly looks at room. Aadi thinks Ishita and Raman should spend good time with each other.

Shagun calls Pihu and asks Pihu to wear that dress for party. Pihu says we are not going anywhere. Shagun tells Raman is going with Ishita for dinner and if they are not taking her with them. Pihu gets angry. Shagun thinks she will make Ishita’s life a hell. Aadi asks if Raman got keys. Raman says yes. Aadi brings keys of car. Everyone teases Raman. Ishita also comes. Simmi says she is looking so nice. Roohi asks if she is meeting some special friend. Ishita says she will get late. Toshi asks her to go. Raman and Ishita goes to car. They sees Pihu in car. Pihu says she also wants to come with them. Ishita says she is going to meet her friend. Pihu says if he is telling lie as Shagun told her that Raman is going with Ishita for dinner.

Ishita says she will go from cab and Raman should take Pihu. Pihu says she wants to go with Raman. Raman says ok he will cancel all plans. Ishita becomes sad. Shagun asks if they can go on dinner after some time as she got call from NGO. Mani says fine we will go another day. Ishita thinks why Shagun do like that and Raman becomes upset. Roohi comes to Ishita and asks why you are sitting here and where is Raman. Alia goes to Mihir. Alia places gift on table. Roohi becomes frustrated and says why you didnot go with Raman and Raman was so excited for this plan. Roohi says may be there will be some plan of Shagun. Ishita says her daughter has grown up. Roohi asks her to go.

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