Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video: Ishita Leave Bhalla House

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia gets angry and thinks she should call Aadi. Aadi gets happy to see her call. She asks if they can meet. Aadi thinks how many excuses Alia make to meet him. Alia says we can meet. Aadi says Mihir messaged him as there is a meeting. Alia says ok i will also go. Aadi becomes happy. Raman and Pihu goes on dinner. Ishita also comes there. Raman gets happy. Raman asks waiter to give her champagne. Aadi meets Alia. He thinks she does not have any gift for her. Aadi says lets eat something. Alia takes Mihir name again and again. Alia and Aadi meets Ishita. She becomes shocked. Aadi asks you were going with you friend then how you are here. Aadi asks what Pihu is doing here. Ishita asks what are you doing here. Alia says we can join Ishita.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia asks you are drinking champagne. Aadi says we came for meeting. Mihir also comes and asks you also came for meeting. Ishita says no. He says he is making presentation. He takes out head phones. Ishita sees them. Alia becomes happy. Ishita becomes stressed. Ishita says i will leave and you should talk about.meeting. Mihir says no you should join us. Ishita remembers about head phones and gets disturbed. Raman comes and says sorry. Ishita says this is our problem and we will make out some solution and Pihu is our daughter. Ishita says lets dance. They both dances. Pihu brings a form and says she wants to shoot an ad and wants to earn money.

Pihu says Raman said lie and he was making her fool but its not like that. Ishita came there and they were going for dinner that time. She says she will earn money and not live in this house. Raman shouts there is nothing like that. Pihu says no she will not go to school and meet Shagun. She asks why you like Ishita and now he has to choose whether he wants Ishita or Pihu. Nidhi and Shagun goes to Bhalla house. Nidhi asks what you are doing. Shagun says she is so sure as her Pihu will do this and make Ishita out of this house. Shagun smiles and says she will make her plan successful.

Raman says he know who told you these things. Shagun comes and says how dare he. Pihu says she does not wants to stay here. Shagun asks Raman to sign the form. Pihu says she hate Ishita and because of her Raman was slapping her and Shagun lives alone. Shagun says she will sign on these papers. Ishita says how could you do that and she will go from here.

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