Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st July 2016 Written Episode Romi Ask Her To Stop Giving Lecture


The show starts and we see mihir is thinking to talk to mani about shagun and then he suddenly sees that aaliya is walking on the railing and he thinks that he didn’t know that aaliya is so much disturbed that she will commit suicide but she is going to rescue a kitty, mihir calls her name but thinks that she is not able to hear him and only i have to do something, then he reaches her by climbing stairs and saying to not to take the step like suicide and these problems can be sorted out these are not the solutions and aaliya asks shockingly that what is he doing there i am saving a kitty and he is thinking that i am committing suicide and mihir tries to walk on railing and holds her hand and they fall on terrace.


On the other side  ishita meets with bala accidentally and says that she was going to call raman as there were no networks inside and says that may be aadi likes aaliya and he asks laughingly that aadi has grown up and when are bhallas getting them married as bhallas house known as shadi  wala ghar because they like to fix marriages whenever they want to dance and everyone feel like seeing a serial as raman also couldn’t get married with nidhi and shagun. then she says that he cant talk rubbish like this about her family and if the matter of aadi he is young studying and setting a career now then he says sorry and takes his words back and says i wish shagun and mani’s marriage will be good as you are involved in it.

There mihir asks aaliya that why was she committing suicide then she says that stop this i was just saving that kitty then he asks that why you have problems with your fathers marriage i got to know this through aadi then she says that nothing much just feeling the pain of losing someone closer to you and you can understand it very well as you have lost your wife then after saying this she feels sorry for these words and mihir leaves.

On the other side simmi is back and asks to mihika that whats the problem going on between romi and her and tells that she got to know about that through ishita  then mihika says that she doesnt know why romi is annoyed with her then simmi makes her understand that romi has a bit of male ego and she should show him that she didnt try to make him feel inferior and everything will become fine just after it mihika gets a call from police station and they called ishita alone.

Ishita goes to police station and gets surprised seeing abhishek there and asks him that hows he and what is he doing here and he replies that he is reinstates to service but as a senior inspector not ACP as before he was. Then she wishes him all the best for his future and invites to come home.

Abhishek talks about her kidnapping and says that he studied  that case and found that nidhi is not behind that there is someone else who did this and says that he will find him/her, then ishita tells that simmi also came with me and he meets her and tells them both that he is marrying a girl named divya and marriage is in bhopal and they all have to come then ishita also tells him about shagun and mani’s marriage and invites to congratulate them. And he asks ishita to be alert  and they goes.

Then aaliya goes to mihir’s home t say sorry as she feels bad for what she said to him and thinks that he also should have felt bad for that, she rings the doorbell after few minutes mihir open the door and he is drunk and says that i am not in the condition to talk over that thing please go but she refuses to go and says sorry for what she said about his wife then he says that how she said he doesnt know the pain of losing someone when even he is living with this pain daily and feels that he couldn’t become a good husband and that’s why she left him then aaliya apologizes again and says that she didn’t meant anything like that.
On the other side romi tells his mother that a business magazine editor is coming to take his interview and its a huge achievement for him then she says that yes it is and your wife has done all the arrangements for that interview as she is more excited than you then simmi and ishita comes home and mihika tells them about romi’s achievement as he is now one of the ten business entrepreneurs, mrs bhalla tells ishita that aadi was asking about her.
Ishita sees aadi is trying to call mani and asks that why is he worried then he says that he wants to talk to mani but unable to understand that how should he talk to him then she makes him understand that only he is the responsible man in shagun’s life so he should talk to mani as shagun’s father not as a son then he calls mani and asks for timings to meet as he wants to meet and talk then mani replies that he can come anytime as he is at his home and ends the call then aadi tells ishita that he is going right now and ishita says that she is proud of him as he is taking responsibility of his mother well and hugs him.
PRECAP: Ishita will try to make romi understand about how to handle his relation with mihika and he will ask her to stop these lectures.

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