Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM Recap: Pihu Dislikes Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Romy goes out of the room. Alia goes to Appa and asks why he is awake at midnight. Mani says he has so many works. Alia says now he is going to be married so he should not work late nights. He says he wants someone to whom he can discuss all things and activities of the day. Alia remembers Mihir’s sentences that he is so alone and have no one. Mani asks what is she thinking. Alia says she is happy for him as he will have a partner now. Alia searches side effects of being alone. She calls him but Mihir’s phone is switched off. She becomes uspet and thinks whether she should go to his house.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

She calls Aadi. Aadi asks if she is okay. Alia says come here as we need to see Mihir. He says ok then he thinks may be Alia wants to meet him and making excuse of Mihir. He thinks Alia likes her. Mihika and Romy fights. Mihika asks who was with him. She shows him the ear ring she got from his bed. Romy says he don’t know about anything. Alia and Aadi goes to Mihir’s house and he doesnot opens the door. They both go to a key maker. Key maker makes keys of Mihir’s house. Then Mihir opens the door and comes out.

Shagun meets Pihu and Pihu asks why you did not come here last night. Shagun says she wished to come but Ishimaa stopped me from coming here. Pihu becomes shocked. Shagun thinks that now she will separate them. Pihu says she will tell Roohi and Roohi di will tell her lesson. Shagun says no you should not tell them. Pihu cries and says how bad is she. She says now she will not talk to Ishimaa. Shagun says no you talk to her but less. She hugs Shagun. Mihika attends Romy’s call and she listens that girl’s voice and becomes angry. Raman calls Ishita and tells he is returning from trip.

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