Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Live YHM: Raman Burns His Hand

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun comes in clinic and Raman hides. Shagun says she had toothache but now she is fine. Ishita traps her and says i will treat you now. Ishita asks Pihu to tell Shagun to ask Shagun to sit. Shagun says no she doesnot have pain now. Ishita asks her to open her mouth. Ishita asks from when you have not brushed your teeth. She takes out injection. Shagun says no i will not do this. Pihu says dont worry i am with you. Shagun becomes scared. Pihu asks to become strong. Ishita injects injection. Shagun says she cannot feel. Pihu asks if Shagun is fine. She says yes. Shagun was not able to say anything. Pihu says thank you to Ishita. Raman laughs. Romy talks on phone and Mihika comes there and shouts on her. She says those people were saying that he is fiance of Sanchi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Romy says how can you think like that. Mihika says whats the matter. Romy says he was going through her house and then her landlords came and he helped her by saying that he is her fiance. Mihika says no i will not believe this. He says he will go and he will also not give explanations. Shagun sees Alia and Aadi working together. Aadi stares Alia and she goes there. Shagun was not able to speak properly. Alia asks what happened. Shagun says she had toothache thats why. Shagun asks Alia to come with her. Shagun asks where is your another ear ring. It was with Aadi. Shagun thinks if Aadi loves Alia. But Alia is attracted towards Mihir. Shagun tells this to Nidhi. Nidhi says superb.

Nidhi says Ashok told her that Alia Aadi and Mihir are working together and we can stop Aadi from Going on their project. Nidhi says Alia will tell Ishita and Aadi will also tell. Then we will see what will Ishita do then. Nidhi says how we will stop Aadi going there.

Shagun says yes i have an idea as Pihu has cooking competition and she will make Pihu to force Aadi to come in competition and then Mihir will take Alia to delhi alone. Ishita teaches Raman to make food. Aadi calls Mihir and tells he has to go to Cooking competition. Alia says if she can come with him. Mihir says fine. Competition starts. Shagun comes there. Raman becomes angry.

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