Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Ishita Plans Something For Pihu

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman says these are files. He asks Toshi to take care of everything. Toshi says they thinks that we are thief. She says we did everything with our hardwork. Raman thinks it was wrong Mani. Ishita says Mani was wrong but Raman is also wrong. Ishita says families are suffering. Madhu says you should not argument with Raman and when he will be calm then he got to know. Ishita says she is tired and she doesnot know what to do. Madhu says you are the hope and you have to be strong. Ishita says you are right and everybody is breaking down. Madhu says i know you will do this.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinMadhu says we will go to your home and give kadhi to Toshi as she likes this. Ishita hugs her. She starts crying. Raman drinks alcohol. Toshi comes to him. Everybody becomes sad to see him like this. Raman ask what happened. He drinks and drinks. Ishita comes. Toshi says he is drinking. Madhu stops Ishits. Simmi says why are you doing this and i know you do everything wrong. Toshi says what will happen after drinking and everything will be spoiled by this. Raman says i will drink. Everyone cries. Mani searches Alia. He thinks she will be in hospital.

Raman remembers how Pihu said that he doesnot loves her. He cries badly and thinks of Pihu. How he helped her and took her to school. He remembers Pihu said she doesnot wants to live with papa and with Shagun. He cries. Ishita sees him and goes to him. She also gets upset to see him. Ishita says i cannot see you like this. She says we will do everything. She requests not to do like this and leave all tensions. She realises that he slept. Ishita remembers Raman feels incomplete without Pihu. She thinks Raman is angry with Mani and he has changed. He gets so much angry. She takes up blanket. Ishita says why you do this and i cannot see you like this.

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