Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2016 Update: Goons Attack On Mihir Ishita Get Shocked

yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman says Pihu chose you to help her. Ishita says yes she liked that feeling so much. Raman says everything will happen nicely. Shagun says its ok Pihu and she should cheer up. Shagun says she is feeling bad that now she cannot participate in this competition. Aadi and Roohi listens it. Aadi takes Pihu. Roohi shouts on Shagun and says why you are doing this and Pihu doesn’t know about you and she asks her not to interfere in their lives.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Shagun says in what way you are talking with me as i am your mother. Roohi says she is not her mother as Ishimaa gave mother love to her. Raman asks Ishita not to take tension. He says he destroyed everything and he is trying but he cannot become good mother. Ishita says how can you say that and you never give up. Ishita says just give your best.

Mom comes and encourages Raman that they are supporting him. Teacher comes and asks if they can start competition. Mihika becomes tensed and thinks Romy is cheating on her. She breaks photo frame of their wedding photograph. She cries and thinks she cannot let it happen. She calls Sanchi. Mihika becomes angry on Sanchi and says how dare she to make a relation with her husband.

Sanchi says there is some misunderstanding. Mihika asks if she thinks she is mad. Romy comes and asks what are you doing. Mihika says if he is feeling bad that she is talking rudely with his fiance. Romy says go to hell Mihika. Sanchi thinks everything is because of her.

Raman goes back to competition. Mr bhalla gets message of someone and says he has to go. Pihu helps Raman. Raman tries to make. Shagun says Raman cannot win this competition. A lady comes and asks if Ishita can cook in place of her as she is injured. Ishita goes to help that lady’s son. Shagun becomes angry. Sanchi asks Romy to tell everything to Mihika.

Romy says no Mihika will not understand this thing. Mihika comes there. Mr bhalla comes. Mihika asks if she can go to Vandu’s house. She takes her bag. Ishita tells Raman and corrects him. He asks from her what to do. Roohi says Raman is doing so well but someone is unhappy with this thing. Mihir and Alia goes. Mihir says you and Aadi did great work and we had awesome meeting. Alia says it seems it will rain. She says we should stay in that resort. Mihir says no i will drive slow . Suddenly car stops. Mihir goes to see what happened. Judges come to taste dishes. Raman wins the competition.

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