Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Raman And Mani Meets

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Simmi gives purse to Toshi and Madhu. They gets ready. Raman asks what happened i can drop you all. Ishita says you are ready so that i can drop you. Aadi gets up and sees no one is at home. He thinks he can talk to Alia. Mani talks on phone and Alia’s phone rings. Mani asks where is your phone and whose phone was ringing. Shagun comes and says my phone was ringing and i changes ringtone. Shagun acts normal. Alia goes in room. She says thank god Shagun has same ringtone. Alia calls Aadi and says please message me before calling. Aadi says i will take care and asks can we meet. She says sure.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinShagun comes and says i was right and i said lie. She asks from where you got this phone. Alia says Aadi gave me this phone. Shagun says you have to be careful and you can use my phone. Shagun says i know you are meeting Aadi and i have no problem. She says i am always with you and i know Mani doesnot likes my son. Shagun thinks Alia is thinking i am helping her but if they will meet then complications will increase between Raman and Mani. Toshi asks if wr have chance to get job. Madhu says we will get this job and we have to bring Pihu back and answer them confidentally. They calls Mrs Aiyyer. Toshi also comes. She says i also came because she was feeling nervous. He asks questions. Toshi and Madhu answers him.

He says that Madhu is qualified for test but Toshi is not qualifies. He says i cannot give you this job. Toshi says i want this job. He says i have a job for you. Madhu says i got job of substitute teacher. Toshi becomes angry. Roohi asks what happened. Madhu says she got job of caretaker. Roohi laughs. Toshi says you can laugh. Roohi says leave this and you will get chance to stay near of Pihu. Roohi says lets go to have ice cream. Aadi and Alia meets. Aadi gives her rose. Alia says you make me feel special but i cannot give you anything. He says your time is everything for me. Raman comes at restraurent. He hides his face. They runs and Mani comes from there.

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