Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th September 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM Video: Aadi Supports Alia

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman wins and says he wants to say that without their support then he would not be able to do that. Ishita gets call of Alia. Alia says Amma he is bleeding please come fast. Ishita says she cannot listen. Alia tells her that someone attacked Mihir. Roohi and Aadi goes to cheer Pihu. Pihu also becomes so happy. Raman says thank you to that lady that she gave her place to Ishita. She says no worries. Ladies praises Raman and says congratulations. Ishita becomes tensed. Shagun thinks she also wants to take photo with Pihu. Roohi stops Shagun and asks where are you going. Roohi taunts her of being fake. Shagun becomes frustrated. Ishita calls Alia. Alia asks Ishita to come early. Ishita says you have to handle Mihir. Ishita asks Alia to stop bleeding of Mihir.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia cries and says she cannot wait for ambulance. Alia asks Mihir not to close his eyes. She takes him up and ties cloth. Pihu says her dad is best. Aadi says we should go for dinner. Roohi says yes she also wants to eat chinese. Toshi says yes we will go. Raman asks where is Ishita. Ishita thinks she cannot spoil their mood. Ishita tells Roohi that Mihir is in trouble and she has to go and she should say that she is going in clinic. Alia reaches hospital. Nurse asks Alia to leave his hand. She cries. Mihika reaches to Vandu. Vandu tells that Raman won the competition. Vandu says its good you came and we will cheer Ishita up. Romy comes. He says he came to give her tooth brush. Mihika taunts Romy. Vandu asks what happened. She becomes tensed.

Alia gets to know that we have to do surgery. Alia says do whatever you want to do. Nurse asks Alia to fill the form. Shagun goes home. Mani says he was waiting for her. Mani asks to do dinner together. Ishita also reaches. Alia cries and hugs her. Ishita asks what happened. Alia asks Ishita to go and talk to doctor. She cries badly. Ishita handles her. Shagun talks to Nidhi and says Roohi is talking rudely to her. Nidhi says she will talk to Roohi. Aadi talks to Raman. He shows him that he brought gift for Alia. Raman says its so nice. Aadi says i will propose her next time. Nurse says you cannot give Mihir the blood. Alia becomes mad and says she will give him blood. Alia gets angry on Ishita. She murmures i love you Mihir please get well and i cannot live without you. Ishita looks at her.

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