Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap YHM: Mr. Bhalla Asks Ishita To Talk Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia comes. Shagun asks what happened Alia. Shagun gets call of Ashok. Ashok says we have something wrong. Ashok says Alia was with Aadi. Shagun says she is here now. Singhal says you should leave everything and this ia affecting your buisness. He asks them to shake hands. Mani and Raman stands up and goes to shake hands. Ishita smiles. Ashok comes in between and says wow. They all looks him. He says what a pleasant surprise as Raman and Mani are together and you will be relatives soon as Aadi and Alia were here some time before. Ashok says call them. Raman says i will call him. Mani asks where are you Alia. Raman says Aadi will come and say i was in office.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinAadi says we will not scare and we will say that we will not end up meeting. Alia says situation is not good. Aadi says i cannot stay away from you and we have to tell them. Raman asks if you came here. Waiter says you came here and forgot your credit card here and i have given that to your mother. Mani says stay away from Alia. Alia says i love Aadi. Ishita becomes shocked. She holds his hand. Mani looks at her. She takes her from there. Raman asks Aadi to leave Alia. Raman and Alia cries. Mani takes Alia home. Mani says whats wrong with you. Mani says Raman is destroying me and you love Aadi. Alia says whatever happened last days and i love him.

Mani says i don’t care and you listen to me that you will follow my orders. Shagun comes and says don’t shout on her and she will repel you like this. Mani says i know what i have to do. Raman says i am sorry Aadi infact you proved that you are my son and you held that person’s daughter hand whom i hate. Raman asks whats wrong with you and this is matter of love and i have no problem. Everyone becomes happy. Raman says you are the worst and the man who snatched my daughter and you held his daughter’s hand. He taunts him. Raman says i thought to slap you and you are bad son. Raman and Ishita fights. He says you left your daughter when she was three days old. He says you are bad mother and taunts her. She slaps him. Ishita then realises and says sorry. Raman says don’t touch me again and you are bad mother in world.

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