Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Aadi Becomes Angry On Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita asks Alia to have something. Doctor comes. Alia asks what happened. Doctor says Mihir is critical. Alia becomes angry on doctor and says how bad hospital is this. Ishita says sorry to doctor. Roohi talks on phone. Raman asks what happened. Roohi says Ishita and Aadi is in hospital. Raman asks why you didnot tell me. Roohi says she doesnot know anything. Raman says You handle Pihu and he will go. Nurse asks Ishita to come with her. Aadi comes to Alia. She hugs him. Alia says no one was there to help her. Aadi holds her hand. He says Nothing will happen. Ishita thinks Alia is becoming mad. Aadi goes to take.medicines. Vandu calls Ishita.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Vandu consoles Ishita. Mihika cries in room. Vandu goes in room. Mihika acts as she slept but Vandu sees tears on her face. Mihika thinks she cannot tell anybody. Vandu thinks what is wrong with Mihika. Sanchi and Romy talks. Sanchi says you should tell Mihika everything. Romy asks what are you doing here. Romy asks Sanchi to tell everything. Sanchi says she will tell Mihika the truth. Vandh listens and thinks this is the matter. Alia sleeps and dreams that Mihir is there with cake. They both shares romantic evening. Alia says she wants to confess her love. Shagun listens. Ishita says you should not tell anyone about this. Alia becomes mad and Ishita slaps her. Shagun becomes shocked. Mani asks how is Mihir. Shagun says he is fine. Shagun says she knows that Alia has so much of importance. Mani asks what happened. Shagun says Ishita slapped Alia and this is wrong. Mani says Ishita loves Alia and he trusts Ishita and she has right to do anything. Ishita asks Alia to go out and says what you think Mihir will become happy to see her like this.

Ishita asks Aadi to take Alia out. Aadi convinces Alia. Mani comes and asks about Alia. Ishita says sorry. Mani asks why. She says she slapped Alia for first time. Shagun thinks she has to use Alia against them. Aadi takes Alia to coffee shop. He asks what will she have. Alia says she doesnot wants anything as Mihir is not well. Alia becomes mad again and asks him if he is mad. She says she loves Mihir and she cannot live without Mihir. Aadi gets shocked and slaps himself. He cries.

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