Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th Aug 2016 Written Episode Updates: Shagun Plans To Run Away After Marriage

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mihika and Romy fights. Raman and Mani meets. Shagun sees Necklace. Toshi comes and asks what Mani is looking. He asks where is Pihu. She tells she has gone to play. He says fine and he will make sure Pihu will remain happy after their marriage.

Ishita asks what happened Shagun. Shagun says she wants to talk to Ishita and Raman. She requests them that everything is going so fast and she doesnot know how Pihu will react and she is thinking that she should take Pihu with her to Mani house. She requests them..Roohi comes and says no. She says it cannot happen. Shagun says Pihu needs her. Roohi ssys she said that Pihu should know to live without her. Shagun says she is so emotional and sensitive. Roohi says we should tell them truth that Ishita is her real mom.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun gets angry and says Roohi herself is a kid and how will she handle her. Shagun says she is her mom. Roohi says she is not her mom she is like her mom. Raman takes Roohi.

Shagun cries and Ishita says Pihu will always be her mom and asks her not to cry. Roohi says sorry to a uncle as she collides with a man and bangles breaks. She asks where is wedding. He tells flat number 101. She becomes happy and excited that her father and mother are going to be married again. She goes to Shagun and says she knows the surprise and she is happy. Mani introduces himself.

Man comes and congratulates Mani and Shagun. Pihu becomes upset and asks why she has done this. Pihu shouts on Ishita and asks her to leave from here and she is doing all this.

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