Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2016 Written Episode Updates YHM: Aadi Goes To Alia

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mr bhalla says i wanna talk to you Ishita. He asks her to break a stick. She breaks. Then he gives her a bunch of sticks and asks her to break. She cannot break. Ishita says papaji. Mr bhalla says i hope you will get to know what i want to say. He says Raman and You are the saviours of this family and if you will go on different way then it will be difficult. Ishita says he cannot understand anything now and he is saying i am bad mother and i got so upset and by mistake i slapped him. He says Raman is hurt and he cannot handle pain of Pihu. He says i hope you will take out Raman from all this. Ishita says yes.

Yeh Hai MohabbateinToshi and Madhu reaches school. Toshi says if they will not send us to Pihu’s class. Principal says Madhu will teach 2 C class. He asks Toshi to take care of students of tenth class. Toshi says no i cannot manage them. Toshi says give me small class. Principal says i agree that Tenth class is big but i want 2 C. Madhu thinks what is Toshi doing and she is over reacting. Principal says ok you can go. Romy talks on phone and says its good your brother liked some girl. He says your Ishita bhabhi can help me to know that girl. He says Alia. Romy gets shocked. Mihika gets shocked and says how can Mani do this.

Romy asks Mihika not to tell Aadi. Pihu asks if Bua is angry with me as she was upset and i made group chat. Pihu says sorry. Shagun talks to Romy. Shagun says i cannot interfere in Mani’s matter. Romy says i kept Ego aside and Aadi is your son and please help him. Alia comes and says whose relation. Romy says Mani has arranged your relation. Alia gets angry and says i am going office to talk to Mani. She goes to office and asks Mani how could you do that and who are you to take that decision. He slaps her and Alia cries. She calls Aadi and Aadi didnot pick her call.

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