Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap YHM: Aadi Gets Disturbed

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia knocks door. She says she wants to go to hospital. He doesnot opens the door. He cries. He thinks about all the memories about Alia. He takes uo bracelet which he took for Alia. He opens door and goes. Ishita and Raman talks. Raman says Mihir will become ok. He asks about Aadi and Alia. She says Aadi and Alia went together. Raman says its good as Aadi is going to propose her. Ishita becomes upset. Doctor tells Mihir is good now and we are shifting him in private room. Shagun goes to meet Mihir. Raman calls everyone. Toshi asks Simmi to light up diya in temple. Vandu comes and Roohi tells Mihir is fine. Toshi asks Roohi to sleep. Ishita says Mihir are you okay. Mihir asks what happened to Ishita. Vandu goes to tell Toshi. Toshi says how dare Sanchi to do that. Romy comes. Vandu asks where were you. Romy says his important papers are about to come. Toshi says now she will tell this Romy. Vandu says we have to do everything wisely. Alia comes hospital and Ishita asks where is Aadi. Ishita asks if you told him that she loves Mihir. Alia says yes. Ishita thinks its her mistake and she should not have sent Alia with Aadi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita says Aadi is in home and she is also going. Alia meets Mihir and asks if he is fine. Mihir says she saved him and showed bravery. Nurse asks Alia to go. Mihir asks Alia to go home. Raman says he will stay here. Alia says no she will stay here. Shagun and Mani asks her to come with them. Alia asks Mihir to take care. Shagun takes Alia. Shagun asks what happened Alia are you upset we didnot allowed you to stay here. She says if something is bothering her then she can share with her and she understand what is she thinking.

Shagun asks Alia to talk to someone and not to become upset. Alia says she does not know how will she react. Alia tells she loves Mihir. Shagun says Mihir is so lucky that she loves him. Shagun says love is pure emotion. She supports her and thinks now She will trust her more than Ishits. Shagun asks Alia not to share this from Mani. Ishita searches Aadi but she does not finds him. Ishita sees him and then he becomes mad. He asks why you didnot tell me that Alia loves Mihir. He shouts on her. He asks why you sent me with Alia and she thought Alia was in trauma and saying anything. Aadi says Alia loves Mihir madly.

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