Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi Blames Shagun That She is Trapping Her 26th September Episode 2016


Ishita says I will stay here in jail as I have committed this crime. Aadi says no Ishimaa I have confessed it before and you have not done this. Ishita says no I have done this and  you are no one to say anything. Aadi cries. Police come and say we have to take Ishita to Tihar jail for investigation.

Aadi says no you cannot do this as anything has been proved now. She says don’t interfere. He says why are you doing this Ishimaa. She says because I know you cannot this Aadi. She asks him, to tell the truth. Abhishek comes. Aadi says fine I will tell you.

yeh-hai-mohabbateinAbhishek takes Ishita and Aadi for investigation. Abhishek blames Ishita and says you have done this but tell us the reason. Ishita says just I did this. Aadi says no I committed this crime as I was so drunk and Alia rejected me then I wanted to take revenge. So I drove the car and took chemical and went to meet Alia.

He says then I attacked her. Ishita says why are you telling a lie. He says no. Ishita shouts and cries and puts his hand on her hand and says tell the truth otherwise I will die. Aadi says no Ishimaa this cannot happen. He says I will tell but can you listen to the truth. She says yes.

Roohi and Raman reach hypnotherapist. She says I don’t see patients at home. He says we came here to take your help and Aadi came for the session to you. She says yes and he didn’t remember anything. She shows the clip to them. Raman sees the clip and says he is trying to tell something.

He reads Lipsing of Aadi and becomes so tensed. Aadi tells that He saw Roohan in that session. Ishita says how this is possible.Ishita comes back. Mr. Bhalla says that media is so bad and they blamed Roohi. Roohi says she has not done anything and someone has taken get up of Roohan and did this.

She says who can do this. Toshi says Nidhi did this. Mihika says no because Bala called me that day and told that Nidhi is taking Jaipur flight. Everybody gets shocked. Raman says then Ashok. He  says but he cannot take get up Roohan as he is tall. They think who can do this. Raman says Shravan.

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