Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial: 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Adi Recall The Name Who Attack On Aaliya

Mani comes with Mr. Singhal. He says we have come here to check the progress of projects. Mani says our investment will go waste. Mihir says everything will go right. Aadi shouts how can you become so angry. Alia says why are getting personal. Mr Singhal says we are taking my investment back.

Aadi shouts that this is not possible. Mihir asks everybody to calm down and they will get profit as we promised. They both goes. Mihir asks everybody to go back. Roohi asks Alia to take Aadi to the coffee shop. Ishita and Raman come to school. Pihu meets Raman. She becomes happy to see him.

divyankaRaman gives her chocolate donuts and Shogun throws them. Roohi checks the profile of  Mr Singhal. Mihir asks why are you checking.  She says I want to check his background and then I can convince him. Mihir says she has daughter Kajal Singhal. She says she knows it. Roohi says she is a fan of Roohan and I can do it now.

Shagun says how can you meet Pihu without my permission.  Lady tells that tomorrow is her son’s birthday party and they can come as entertainers. Ishita says this is a good idea. Raman and Ishita collides. They both fights  that they don’t look. Raman smiles then he says do you remember how we used to fight.

Ishita says yes. Raman asks where were you going. She says I was searching costumes. Madhu comes and asks what happened. Ishita says we were talking about our project. Madhu goes to talk to Toshi. She says I am missing Pihu. Toshi says Pihu will go in some birthday party. Madhu says then we will meet her definitely.

Toshi asks how. Madhu says she will ask Alia where is birthday party then we will meet Pihu. Toshi prepares to make tomato chicken. Roohi thinks she has to help Raman. Mihir asks what happened you got a call or not. She says she has read this message but not replied yet. Aadi comes and asks will you come with me to Hypnotherapist.

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