Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 29th September 2016 Episode Updates: Ashok Plans Against Raman & Mani

yeh hai mohabbatein raman

Ishita slaps Nidhi. She says you destroyed my daughter’s life. Raman says you destroyed Alia’s life and how can you do that. Police take her. Ishita cries. Raman takes Ishita. Roohi says cheer up Aadi as you are free. Aadi says yes. Alia says I just hope Mani will also realise. Aadi says he will not believe. Mihika comes and says eat kulfi. Raman cries. Ishita asks what happened. Raman says I miss Pihu as she loves Kulfi and tastes all flavours. He says this family is incomplete without Pihu. If Mani would not have helped Shagun then Pihu will be with us. Mani thinks there is no newspaper. Alia gives him the newspaper.


She asks him to read. He reads about Nidhi. Alia says Aadi cannot do this and Nidhi did this. Mani becomes shocked to see that. Alia says because of you Ishita suffered a lot. Alia says you told me that anger can break many relations. She says because of you Pihu came here and you did not trust Ishita.

Mani says Alia you are right and I did the mistake. Ishita also reads newspaper and thanks, god. She gets call of Mani.ami says how are you and I called you to say sorry. Ishita says I am so angry and you were the best friend of mine you did so.

Shagun comes home. She becomes tired. Mani comes. He says sign on this. Shagun says what is this. Mani says these are papers in which it is written that you are giving custody to Raman and Ishita. Mani says I should not have supported you. Ishita is the real mother of Pihu and I hurt Ishita and Raman. He says please sign them. Shagun says I will not sign as she is my daughter and I gave her birth. Pihu considers me that I am her mother.

She says no one can separate us. She says Ishita has Roohi and Aadi but I have only Pihu. She goes. Mani thinks he has done wrong. He blames himself that he is wrong.

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