Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) 9th October 2016 Written Updates: Raman Argues With Mani

yeh hai mohabbatein raman

Ishita and Raman go in the car. The car gets a stop. Raman calls a mechanic but he did not pick up. Ishita says what is this and its raining. They start fighting. Raman says rain will stop. Raman says if you want to sit then sit. Ishita thinks rain will not stop. Shagun helps Mani. Mani says why it is raining.

Shagun says this is right to make Alia marry to someone. Pihu says there is a problem. Shagun goes to her. Pihu says she saw Alia went outside with a bag. Shagun asks if she is sure. Pihu says yes she was hiding and saying meet me at the hotel. Shagun asks Pihu to go. Shagun thinks why she would have been in a hotel.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shagun thinks she will not tell Mani and when the thing will become big then he will get to know. Ishita taunts Raman. He goes out of the car. Ishita brings an umbrella. Raman checks car. They both fights for an umbrella. Song plays. They dances. Ananya becomes sad. Neelu sees her. She asks what happened. Ananya says she wants to tell something to mum. Neelu says go to her room and tell her. She says no I cannot tell. Ananya says don’t go there as Madhu and Toshi are fighting. Simmi says if they are fighting then what is she doing there. She blames Ananya.

Ananya says sorry to her. Simmi hugs her. Ananya says I don’t feel good if she gets angry. Simmi says ok. Toshi and Madhu see them. Raman and Ishita share romantic moments. Raman says why we fight. Ishita says sorry that I slapped you. Raman says I am sorry and I should not have said that. Ishita says why you start to fight. Raman says really I do or you. They smile. Raman says I don’t want to go home and let’s check in some room. Ishita says the car is not good. Raman says the mood is on the then car is on.

Ishita and Raman go in the room. Alia and Aadi were in the room. Aadi says why are you doing this. Alia says we have to do this as Mani is not listening to me. Alia says what happened. I will sleep on the bed and you sleep on the couch. Alia says what you think that I am happy with this. Aadi and Alia fights. Aadi says I cannot let people insult you. Alia says I have booked a room on name of Mr and Mrs Bhalla. Raman asks what is my room no. The manager tells them the room of Aadi and Alia. Raman goes and sees Aadi in the room.

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